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Hand held sparking trick

I’m trying to recreate a smaller version of this hand held sparking trick. 
It’s currently powered by a 9v rechargable Ni cd battery, I’m hoping to use a smaller motor and battery which would be easier to hold in my hand. I was wondering if even a 1.5v battery and motor might work? Can anyone advise where I might find the components?


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January 1, 2020 13:39

Although simple, it's quite tricky to suggest a motor. The rotating wheel will present a load on the motor and will require torque to start, the flint will also act like a brake and the starting torque has to overcome this as well.
The motor you are using, is it geared? If not you may get away with a lower voltage motor without a gear box. Just a motor like this one may be OK.
Or if the speed from this motor is suitable I'm sure it would start with the load you have and works down to 1.5V (3V max)
You may also find cheap motors by searching the web for high torque model aircraft motors, quadcopter motors or hobby motors which may not be as professional as the above, but good enough. If you have any old toys with a motor these may also be good enough to test and alow them to recycled.

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