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Air filtration retrofit advice for ducted air heaters

Hi, i have two older powrmatic ducted air heaters that we use throughout the year (in summer without heat) to heat and circulate air around our dog care facility. We have problems with dog hair and dander being constantly reciculated and settling on everything up in the roof. we would like to fit some sort of filters to help remove this but out heaters are old (have no current filters) and the manufacturer no longer produces any filters, so far i am thinking of contructing some sort of box frame around the air intakes to hold a filter in place that can then be cleaned on a regualr basis, but i dont know anything about what suitable filter to use or it there may be any ready made options. Our heaters are both Powrmatic CPG300UD/1 any help would be grately recieved.

Many thanks

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September 10, 2020 08:32

Hi Nat, these are general comments as I'm obviously not familiar with your installation and did not find anything related to the CPG300UD that helped...
My suggestion is to look at low-cost dust collection such as vacuum cleaner bags for the first stage of a filter. These will be disposable and collect the larger particles. Then find a finer filter and possibly a third stage to remove the ever reducing particle sizes that get through the first filter elements. This will help to prevent instant clogging with just one filter element.
The main problem you will then have to resolve is detecting a blocked filter. This is important as the airflow is often part of the motor cooling so must be maintained above a lower limit cutoff point.
You may also find some pre-bag filtration is required to remove very large hair particles and a wire mesh filter may help with this.
I'm not an expert in this but I have done something along these lines for a wood sander where my initial approach of one single fine filter failed quickly as it became blocked.
Search on some of the Hepa filters/air cleaners and these products may provide some details of filter stages that will help in your environment.

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