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In the plastic Factory (Not Charlie's factory)


Hi I'm Gerhard 

I am an automation engineer in our factory with designing as well as maintaining the machines in the plant. 

I plan to deploy the sesor inside the factory and test the quality of air that the staff works in a daily basis and create an awereness to the staff as well as the management on the quality of the workspace. with added knowladge i receive on what gets tested in the factory I can determine what sensors to add for an improved reading and add more awereness to the situation. 

With my knowledge on the industrial side, I'm planning to make a visual report system that will log and chart a display on a day to day in a factory environment and hopefully make a fun and interesting project to share with the DesignSpark community. as an added interest i want to see if we can take steps to improve the quality under wich the plant opperators need to work with, hopefully get the plant to a greener and safer standard.