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IIoT connection of previously unconnected assets

Remote monitoring and analysis using sensor-based technology have been one of the main goals for IoT based applications.

Telemecanique Sensors have achieved a breakthrough in the world of IIoT connection for remote assets. Previously un-connectable assets can be brought in the world of big data analysis using a new generation of sensor devices the enable transmission of a signal from the sensor to a remote station which can be up to 50 kilometres away. This new breakthrough can be used to monitor a whole host of remote applications including mining, agriculture, transportation and utilities, now extending the reach out beyond the realms of the factory floor.

Telemecanique launched this new generation of sensors at the recent IoT Solutions World Congress in Barcelona, where two LPWAN based sensor device applications were showcased in a live test bed, one of only 11 selected by the conference authorities.

Attached for further reference is the recent white paper on this new range of XIOT products, which will be available soon from RS Components.


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