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I need import or open line work file from coraldraw for made 3d object in DS mechanical.

I did not find the way or line work software for required line work file. Please help. Thanks & Regards.

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September 9, 2019 08:29

CorelDraw can export to DWG and DXF formats (among others). These are probably your best route towards getting line drawing from Corel to DS Mechanical, but DS Mechanical does not directly import these formats. There are other programs (many not free) that can import DXF or DWG files, and can export in formats that DS Mechanical can read. (DS Mechanical 4.0 can read RSDOC, ECAD files (IDF, IDB, EMN), OBJ, SKP, STEP (read only), STL, TXT, JPG, BMP, PNG files, though the last three are image file formats, not line art formats.)
I never thought about it until today, but one program that can read DXF files and output in a format that DS Mechanical can read (IDF), is DesignSpark PCB. I have used the DXF import feature in DS PCB in the past to import board or other outlines in to DS PCB. DS PCB can also output the "board" to DS Mechanical via the IDF format. The size range is limited to 1 meter square, but you can scale it later in DS Mechanical. (And scale it coming from Corel to DS PCB if need be, too.)
DS PCB is not a general-purpose CAD program - it is focused on PCB design. But the number of steps to import the DXF and export a board is relatively few, so if you are unfamiliar with PCB design, you could write down the short set of steps and use follow those, ignoring everything else in DS PCB, to accomplish your conversion using the free DS PCB program.

If you are doing it frequently, though, I'd probably use a different program for the conversion.

Another possibility (besides DXF / DWG formats) is the point curve text file import in DS Mechanical. Any external format that you can convert (one way or another) to a series of point coordinates in a text file can be imported this way. CorelDraw doesn't have an export in this format, but does support the SVG format (a web standard), which has the coordinates but would need a little bit of massaging to get into just the right form for DS Mechanical import.


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