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I downloaded and installed design spark but it wont open

Downloaded and installed but wont open 

Says install complete but does nothing when I try to open it

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May 16, 2019 08:37

if you had v2 installed on the same PC before setting up v4, then delete the contents of this folder and start DSM: C:\Users\"Your Username"\AppData\Local\SpaceClaim
This contains the config file used by DSM which may have been corrupted and prevents it from launching. Clearing it out causes DSM to generate a new config file and will open properly.

If you have just done a fresh install of any DSM version on that PC and it fails to start, it might be a different issue. Log a ticket with the support agents here ( and also attach screenshots from Windows Event viewer which are recorded for 'SpaceClaim.exe'

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May 15, 2019 07:11

Same here, cannot run either V2 or V4 64 bit on Win 10, however V2 32 bit works fine, so until some fix for 64 bit is found I will stick with V2 32 bit !

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