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How to transfer data with coaxial cables in less than a width of a human hair?

Coaxial cables are widely used in many fields of applications thanks to their big advantages versus other kind of data cables like the twisted pair copper wire ones.

Coaxial cables have a concentric layers construction. Starting from the center of the coaxial cable we find:


  • inner conductor (the copper wire trasnferring the signal)
  • dielectric insulation (the kind of material define the final cable feature)
  • shield layer (metal foil or braided copper mesh)
  • insulating jacket

Thanks to this specific construction Coaxial cables can provide:

  • enough frequency range to support multiple channel
  • much greater throughput
  • higher noise immunity
  • less amplifiers for the same distance
  • Unfortunately this construction afftects the overall cable thickness and as a consequence there are some
  • applications which cannot adopt coaxial cables for space or weight restrictions.

Medical, aerospace and military applications are just few examples in which space and weight restrictions become more and more critical. 

Micro coaxial cables can fill that gap giving the possibility to ensure low noise and wide bandwidth signal transfer within quite an unbelievable thin thickness.

Micro coaxial cable is a great space-saving solution that makes routing easier in applications such as medical probes, endoscopy systems, oximetry systems, industrial inspection, and more.

titletitleAlpha Wire is one of the top in the market cables producers and they have a complete new range of micro coaxial cables perfect for a wide range of applications where saving space is mandatory, from sensitive medical imaging to industrial inspection.


Micro coaxial cables range can vary from 50 to 32 AWG using high-strength silver-plated or tinnedcopper alloys and rated to +200°C. The PFA dielectric and jacket provide stable properties for outstanding signal integrity, low capacitance, and consistent controlled impedance.

Micro Coaxial Cables for Apha Wire are available from RS Components

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