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How to request a quote for multiple DesignSpark users in your organisation?

Multi-seat licenses are now available in DesignSpark to offer a cost-effective solution to provide design tools to your whole team. Complete the request a quote ticket to grab your exclusive discount and remove the burden of only a few engineers having access to expensive design tools.

Below is the video guide and tutorial to show you how to request a quote on DesignSpark:

To start the quote as the buyer, login with your DesignSpark account here:

Start a new Request a Quote and pick the plan

Pick which subscription plans you want and the quantity (one for each user)

Fill in your buyer details. Some fields will be automatically filled in from your logged-in DesignSpark account.

Complete your details

Your submitted quote will be visible in Account icon (top right)->Account Details->My Quotes. Check your email inbox once the quote is generated. Then click 'View quote' to review and accept it.

Select Account Details

View your Quote

Fill in your payment information to formally accept the quote, review the amount and click pay.

Accept Quote and Fill in payment details

Your payment will be confirmed. A printable receipt is available in your DesignSpark quotes area.

Your payment will be confirmed and a receipt is available

Manage your team and assign a subscription to a team member using 'invite user' in Account Details-> Team Subscriptions.

Fill in the team members Name and Email address

Fill in the team member's Name and Email Address to invite them to join a subscription.

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