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10 Jan 2017, 16:01

How to get started with ST Robotics bench robot arms

ST Robotics provide a complete series of "How to..." videos, allowing you to get up and running immediately. Within no time at all you are ready to start using their bench robots. These videos take you through all the setting up and programming paths, step by step.

The first video shows an overview of the products and how easy it is to get started with the ST Robotics bench arms. It covers the first basic actions (named places and routes) and it also shows some knows and typical troubleshooting (i.e. what happens when you crash a robot).











The following three videos ("How to.." number 2, 3 and 4) are dedicated to the show the main tools for programming in RoboForth and explain the software interface.


See the full ST Robotics offer from RS

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10 Jan 2017, 16:01