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How Fluke test & improve performance on two-pole voltage testers by up to 3x

Two-pole voltage testers are commonly used to verify that it’s safe to touch an electrical installation and begin work. Fluke’s T110, T130 & T150 series are rugged and provide a combination of light, sound, vibration, and a digital display to provide instant answers under any working condition. However, on any two-pole tester, the weakest point is the cable, as it is repeatedly bent, twisted, wrapped and put under constant strain.  This is one of the reasons why EN 61243-3 standard specifies the cable should withstand bending to 45 degrees together with 5000 bend cycles. Fluke place the highest value on customer safety, that’s why they subject the cycling through 150 degrees in each direction as shown in the video below:

Apart from now performing 3x better in cable tests, key features also include:

  • Heavy-duty molded case
  • Double insulated cable with WearGuard™ wear indicator
  • Integrated flashlight for increased visibility of the measuring point, for example in electrical cabinets
  • Audible continuity test and vibration, which provide feedback so electricians know there is voltage present, which is especially helpful in noisy environments.

 Fluke Two-Pole range consists of:


Fluke T110 Voltage, Continuity Tester with switchable load



Fluke T130 Voltage and Continuity Tester with backlit LCD readout



Fluke T150 Voltage and Continuity Tester with LCD readout and additional resistance measurement



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