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Home Automation With ESP32



I'm currently in need of assistance. I'm trying to work on a project for my home and it's about controlling all my appliances with Wi-Fi. I've made a post like this on KiCad but would need more assistance with regards to the electrical part.

I want to make small nodes. There'll be a separate node for main switches, then from the washroom switches, and maybe a third switch to control a window curtain control node. I would like to make different nodes and they'll all have some means of communication. From a personal research I conducted, the only thing I found similar to what I want to design was this.

I just need help with the electrical aspect. Although, I've previously worked on ESP32, I'm not sure of me next steps. From what I recall, I think I might have to make some ESP32 mesh networks for multiple nodes to talk to the parent node. Any suggestion will ne truly appreciated.

Thank you very much in advance.