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9 Dec 2019, 15:31

Hirose HR30 series - Waterproof and ultra-compact plastic round connector

In recent years, the situation surrounding the manufacturing industry has been changing rapidly, as represented by the “Fourth Industrial Revolution (Industry 4.0)” initiative in Germany. At the manufacturing site, through the IoT, all things are connected with each other. IoT makes it possible to see the signs before the equipment stops, the equipment will respond autonomously, and to find the cause of defective products. To realize the Smart Factory concept, there is a need for standard and easily accessible connectors.

Connectors widely used in the industrial machine market are increasingly required to be compact, lightweight, and more environmentally resistant as connector sets become smaller and their applications expand. With this background, Hirose Electric has developed the HR30 series as interface connectors for the industrial machinery market and is focusing on expanding its product variations. The HR30 series can be widely used as connectors for industrial applications such as machine vision cameras and measuring instruments, including sensors essential for IoT.

Four Key Features

1) Small-size with a low profile, lightweight

Miniaturization with maximum outer diameter of Ø12.6mm for 3 & 6 cores, and a maximum outer diameter of  Ø15.5mm for 10 & 12 cores. By adopting a plastic shell, a significant weight reduction has been achieved compared to a metal shell type connector.

2) IP68 high waterproofing

High corrosion resistance is secured by using a plastic shell. It has passed the test under the condition of 2m water depth for 14 days.

3) Highly reliable over-molded product

We have a dedicated plug and jack that support integral molding. We can provide over-molded products with high reliability. There are two types of over-molded products - straight or right angle type so that customers can select the one that best suits their usage environment.


(4) Good operability

With the push-pull method, when mating, the mating position marks on both the plug and receptacle can be inserted easily. In addition, the guide key is engraved on the connector to prevent incorrect insertion. When pulling out, simply holding the sleeve of the plug and pulling straight out.


All plugs/jacks/receptacles are soldered and crimped so that customers can choose according to their needs. Since the receptacle has a DIP (board type), it can be used as a connector with a high degree of design freedom. Each plug and receptacle has a dedicated waterproof cap that protects the connector from moisture and dust even when the connector is not mated, making it safe to use for a long time.

The HR30 series is attracting attention from various markets, especially industrial equipment. In particular, it is used as a communication interface connector for factory automation equipment such as sensors, machine vision cameras, and measuring equipment.


9 Dec 2019, 15:31