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High-performance Superbikes and the data behind race day success

For a second year, RS PRO is the tool partner for GR MotoSport. We know RS Pro is a perfect fit for a high-performance team of technicians within motorsports as it is for providing quality maintenance within industrial settings. However, continuing the relationship for a second season raised our interest here on DesignSpark.

From the technical perspective, we wanted to learn more about what goes on behind the scenes. How is it that data and sensor technology helps the technicians to set up the bike in order to give the rider an edge. Also, what key data points are measured, how are these analysed and acted upon to allow the crew to prepare for race day. Keeping a Superbike on the track relies on team work, from rider to crew and little bit of data thrown in.   

You can learn more about the RS Pro and GR MotoSport relationship using this link

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