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Help Prevent Costly Shutdowns with FLIR Exx Thermal Imaging Cameras

Predictive maintenance is essential within any production facility to prevent equipment failure, as this can lead to a costly shutdown, so it’s essential to identifying any potential issues before they happen and therefore having a periodic inspection schedule is crucial. But this is often easier said than done, as access to live or running equipment can be dangerous or restricted. However heat is often the first sign of failure whether it’s electrical or mechanical, so using thermal imagery can quickly identify points of failure in an electrical or manufacturing environment and also solve the issue with limited access and live systems.FLIR_Exx_Main_Image1_66d6e6ee8a823b678dcbb7ed5109e0c90a7d378e.jpg

The FLIR Exx-Series is the ideal tool for predictive maintenance, whether it be for electrical or mechanical issue as shown in the video below:

The FLIR Exx Series of thermal imaging cameras helps to:

  • Improve Plant Reliability – as mentioned It’s important to find issues early, as equipment failures can be very costly and impact productivity, this series features:
    • High-resolution infrared detectors - up to 464 x 348, which provides crisp and detailed images and helps precisely identify hot spots
    • Wide temperature ranges of up to 1500°C (2732°F)
    • Superior spot-size performance – Ideal for accurate temperature measurements on smaller or more distant targets
    • Laser-assisted autofocus* - This gives precise identification of hot spots, even in cluttered scenes (*E75/E85/E95 Models)
  • Increase Plant Safety – identify and report electrical or mechanical failures before they lead to fires or explosions
    • Detect temperatures as small as <0.04°C (24° lens)
    • Lenses auto-calibrate* with the camera for the most precise temperature readings (*E75/E85/E95 Models)
    • MSX® image enhancement adds the depth and detail to an image


The FLIR Exx Series of Thermal Imaging Cameras consist of:

  • FLIR E53 - 240x180 pixel - Measurement up to 650oC      (173-0024)
  • FLIR E75 - 320x240 pixel - Measurement up to 650oC     (135-3293)
  • FLIR E85 - 384x288 pixel - Measurement up to 1200oC    (135-3295)
  • FLIR E95 - 464x348 pixel - Measurement up to 1500oC    (135-3294)


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