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11 Jul 2019, 7:43

Heating, Ventilation, Air-condition, Refrigeration - HVAC/R

Testo measurement technology is used in global applications by users over a broad range of fields. However, their core strength for years has been supporting HVAC/R technicians. Their work is one of the most varied kind, under the toughest conditions and placing the strictest demands on the equipment and this is where the Testo range comes to the forefront.

To support HVAC/T the following key product ranges are available from testo:

As varied as your job: testo 440 Humidity Kit with Bluetooth® You need only one measuring instrument to measure all indoor air quality and air flow parameters accurately and reliably. The testo 440 allrounder guides you intuitively through logically structured measurement menus, using the many possibilities for pairing with cutting-edge digital probes, which make this is the ideal measuring instrument for fine adjustments to VAC plants, for monitoring the indoor air quality or for comfort measurements.

The testo 440 Humidity Kit with Bluetooth® (176-5574) is designed for measurement on refrigeration systems and heat pumps at the workplace, but also in storage facilities and walk-in refrigerators. The testo 440 air velocity and IAQ (176-5582) measuring instrument and the humidity/temperature probe with Bluetooth® can be safely stored in the case. You’re ready to start working!

More information on the testo 440 series can be found at: Tips and solutions for air velocity measurement in ducts using Testo 440  


Monitoring temperature with the testo 925: testo 925 - Temperature measuring instrumentThe testo 925 (512-0288) temperature measuring instrument is a tool for all manner of temperature measurement jobs involving heating systems, sanitation, and refrigeration and air conditioning technology. The thermometer’s connected temperature probes feature thermocouple technology (Type K). They allow rapid temperature measurements and a have a wide measurement range (-50 to +1000 °C) which depends on the probe used.


Indoor air quality under control: testo 608-H1 – ThermohygrometerThe testo 608-H1 (412-3062) thermohygrometer is ideal for long-term measurement of indoor air quality. This makes it suitable for use in office and warehousing facilities, laboratories, garden centres or in residential buildings for recording temperature, humidity and dewpoint. The instrument features brackets for hanging on a wall or standing on a table or other furniture.

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11 Jul 2019, 7:43