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Han-Modular®: compact and versatile for any production plants

From Garage to Global Company

The HARTING family have been running the company with great consideration and detail since 1945 when “Wilhelm Harting Machineische Werstatten” was first founded. Working from a 100 m2 garage, Wilhelm Harting acknowledged the growing need for technical products at the time in Germany. The company worked towards creating a robust, multipurpose, light and user-friendly connector. After working with a number of technical experts, engineers and advanced machines, the successful range of the Han® Industrial Connectors was launched. With time and extensive development, the HARTING brand and its exceptional product quality have become recognised in over 70 countries, and the interest in Han® Industrial Connectors has grown. Additionally, the customer and manufacturer requirements for their applications have widely amplified, motivating HARTING to constantly develop and upgrade the Han® range over the years.

Industrial connectors have been used for electrical power transmission purposes since the 1950’s. Initially, it was just configuring basic and efficient connectors, following manufacturer’s specifications. However, within the 1990’s, Industrial Ethernet network was introduced in industrialised applications on each factory floor for automation and process control purposes. The progression of this trend commenced the concept of modularising the HARTING Han® Industrial Connector so that it could provide the ability to combine and transfer different media such as signals, electrical power, gasses and/or liquids, through just one modular connector solution.

What is Han-Modular®?

HARTING’s Han-Modular® is a hybrid connector solution created of a combination of different modules. These individual modules can then be grouped with others to make up a bespoke single connector. The modular combinations of these connectors are extremely versatile and easy to design, providing a flexible solution for each corresponding installation for factories, machines and other applications. The modules themselves can vary in each connector and its equivalent transmission media, all depending on the customer’s requirements. Power, Signal and Data and Processed Compressed Air can be transmitted conjointly through the interface of just one housing or hood.

For a permanent stable hold, the modules are loaded into hinged frames and placed in a HARTING housing/hood for protection from diverse ruggedised environments. These then create one compact and multipurpose connector solution.

 Benefits of Han-Modular®

  • Combination of different modules to one unit
  • Shorter installation times
  • Compact and space saving
  • Cost-saving
  • Future proof

Most popular products within the Han-Modular® range:

  • Han-Eco® is suitable for use in outdoor applications as it is durable and can withstand harsh conditions as well as a quick, tool-less assembly process.
  • Han® HPR is typically used for external electrical interconnections in vehicles, in highly challenging and often wet environments, as well as sensitive interconnections that must be protected.
  • Han® Standard is used within the automobile and mechanical engineering industries where demanding environments are often experienced.

Evolution of industrial machines/factories- industrial revolution

Automation of machines and plants has evolved, becoming an essential feature within the Industrial sector, in order to help provide smooth and effective manufacturing processes. Similarly, HARTING’s product range has also developed along with this trend, with over 100 different modules, covering several termination techniques. Automated production lines require an intensive exchange of data and signals for better process control and maintenance. Han-Modular® connectors are capable of successfully transferring all that power through an interface with the help of the individual modules or entire rows of inserts which can easily be exchanged or replaced.

The fourth Industrial Revolution, also known as “Internet of Things”, has had an impact on production and HARTING has embraced this revolution, making the journey alongside the customers. Industry 4.0 defines the introduction of automation into more traditional machines and plants and the growing demand of intelligent computers. Industrial machines and plants are fitted with different kinds of sensors in order to communicate with powerful computers for management and monitoring purposes. This interaction contributes towards smother, faster, cost-effective and time-consuming processes throughout.

HARTING has identified 6 key elements that lead to an integrated industry within a manufacturing environment:

  • Modularisation
  • Miniaturisation
  • Digitalisation
  • Customisation
  • Integration
  • Identification

Therefore, in order to meet the new market needs, HARTING has introduced intelligent connectors, such as Smart-Han® which already have sensors embedded within them. These connectors can then be used alongside HARTING’s MICA, becoming the ultimate solution for industrial applications. These can adapt to multiple applications giving customers a smooth entry into Industry 4.0.



HARTING Ltd is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking. We use this expertise to craft solutions for the transportation, data transmission, wind energy, mechanical engineering, factory automation, automotive and robotics markets. HARTING also design and manufacture cable assemblies, box builds, kit assemblies and modified products at our UK facility in Northampton.
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