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Giving up on designspark


I've finally decided to move on after many years of using designspark.

Like many CAD programs DSPCB has always been quirky but having recently upgraded to version 11 I'm extremely disappointed.

Out of the box I found that copy and past was broken, but managed to get a  fix from the support desk. But there are many other problems too.

  • changing a package to one that might have a different pin count no longer works and causes multiple net list errors
  • Even if i disconnect the component before changing a package it still creates net list errors to phantom pins
  • Reconnecting a component is worse than ever (it used to require multiple clicks) and now cant be done with moving the ckmponent or dragging the wire then redraw8ng from the junction
  • Creating and managing multiple packages is now extremely confusing. Some of my existing components no onger work
  • after a long period of editing nd if using component renumbering component references  can become duplicated

Ive stuck with DSPCB because I've always found the support to be excellent. However, with the new support models getting meaningful support means working through several pages to find contact details. 

Had version 11 not been such a disaster I would have considered upgrading to a paid subscription just for the support.

Malcolm North