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Gap is 0.2000 needs to be 0.2540.

I got error and i want to modify the design rule but can't find where.

Errors are:

Pad to Pad Error (P-P) between (593.5600 480.4300) and (593.7600 480.4300) on Layer "[Top]".
    Error between Component Pad IC2.4 (Net 'SCL') and Component Pad IC2.9 (Net 'GND'), Gap is 0.2000 needs to be 0.2540.



That is Strange, the gaps between pads is 0.2 and seems rule 0.254 is too big. I tried to change the rule but the software looks something wrong and the table looks shift inside.

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February 17, 2020 09:46

Yes, your actual gaps are smaller than the minimum in the rules so yes you do have to set the Design Technology "Spacings" rules to a smaller number.

The images are wrong because of your Windows display settings. Right click on your desktop and select the "Display Settings" and then set scaling to 100% and it should resolve the issue and show the forms correctly rendered.... It did for me :)

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