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Full STEAM ahead with the Sphero SPRK+


Robots are fun right? Well, it all depends on your perspective I suppose, industrial robots aren’t exactly my idea of a fun time but can be very interesting indeed when we dig deeper into their functionality, design, how they are programmed and what they can do. Science fiction robots, now you are talking! Terminators, Jaegers, BB8, C3PO, Robbie, the list goes on and on, some of them scary visions of an AI controlled world, others, noble servants found on distant planets, either way, robots have been a recent figment of humanities imagination, haven’t they? 

Robotic Rumblings

Nope, take a trip back to 400-350BC and the mathematician Archytas created a steam-powered wooden pigeon that managed to stay airborne (it was suspended from a pivot bar apparently) for a few hundred meters. Around 1495 Leonardo da Vinci created the first known humanoid robot that could move its head and mouth and wave its arms, and he also invented a programmable cart, amongst other things, clever chap.  History lessons aside, robots have been an inspiration for a long time, so, with a nod to history and a leap into the 21st century educating the young budding engineers of the future about robotics would certainly appear to be a good idea.

I Need a Sphero

That’s where the Sphero SPRK+ (176-4210) Robot comes in, designed to inspire creativity and invention, this great little robotic orb provides the young, potential engineers of tomorrow with a complete package for them to learn all about programming and robotics and in turn share their experiences with other Sphero users in the community.

Used in conjunction with the Sphero Edu App, the SPRK+ provides a comprehensive learning platform packed with lesson plans, projects, activities and games where the younger generation can learn how to code through practical applications, block-based coding and some good old-fashioned fun.

Holding out for a Sphero

Just tap the orb to wake him up and wirelessly connect using Bluetooth LE and the Sphero SPRK+ can then be controlled using a tablet or a phone via the Edu App. Sphero can speed along up to 4.5mph, decide what direction he should go in, what colour lights to display and what sounds to make and much more, it’s the perfect addition for classroom-based STEAM activities.

Containing a built-in battery the SPRK+ is easily recharged via inductive charging when placed on its cradle which provides more than 1 hour of regular use. With a Bluetooth LE range of over 100ft, there’s certainly plenty of activity space for this fun robot to run around in. The Sphero SPRK+ is a durable little ball, waterproof and shockproof, that can be sent on all manner of adventures, a trip across a garden pond or perhaps navigating a challenging assault course.

What’s included in the pack? (176-4210)

  • One Sphero SPRK+ Robot
  • Charging cradle and cable
  • Maze Tape, 360-degree protractor & stickers
  • Quick start guide to get you rolling


You wait for one Sphero and a dozen turn up…

The Sphero SPRK+ Education Power Pack (176-4208)

The Sphero SPRK+ is also available in two multipack versions - the Education 12-Pack (176-4211) and the fully-loaded Education Power Pack (176-4208) .  The Power Pack contains a feature-packed storage crate that charges and also cools the robots within, both of the SPRK+ multipacks are ideal for STEAM based classroom activities or for when just one Sphero SPRK+ isn’t enough!

See the Range

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December 13, 2018 13:18

"Leonard Divinci"? Really?

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December 21, 2018 09:04

@ElioBoezio Yup, Leonardo's lesser-known younger brother...

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