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From Distortion Pedals to DesignSpark


Hello All,


My introduction to engineering was through an interest in music, where I first learned to make amplifiers, modulators and filters for my electric guitar. Naturally, my first school project was a distortion pedal that emulated the rock music sound I was interested in at the time.


I quickly discovered that a knowledge of electronics plays extremely well into a music setting when I started making my own monophonic synthesizers out of 555 relaxation oscillators. This trend continued when I learned C programming in university and started developing sound boards and sequencers using the XNA framework on my old Windows Phone.



I have found that doing these experiments has given me a strong grasp of electronics and other technical subjects that I have been able to draw on during my career in engineering so far. I have been given opportunities to apply my experience to novel solutions in the automotive industry and have recently gone on to explore renewables and sustainability through my documentation of an off-grid campervan conversion project on DesignSpark.

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