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Free, Accurate 3D Component Models

It’s common now for ECAD tools to offer a combination of 2D and 3D capabilities for design engineers - we offer you FREE CAD Models!

3D presents a significant opportunity to deliver more of a “whole product hardware” design, enabling improved visualisation for ergonomic and manufacturing purposes.  However, in order to build an accurate 3D model of the "whole product”, a designer must equip himself with all of the necessary ingredients to create the entire product - 3D models of any enclosure(s), HMI elements, the PCB itself, and of course the numerous components comprising the circuitry and connections etc. 

Until now, obtaining accurate, usable, correctly-scaled and orientated 3D models of the large numbers of electronic components has been a slow and painful labour of love, for even the most diligent of designers! Googling for these rare-earth elements has become an Olympic Sport, such is the dedication required to scour so many websites for so long, for marginal gains!  No surprise then that many engineers simply create a 3D “blob” representing the maximum dimensions of the component in question, simply to save time - Not exactly the most compelling way to showcase your electronics design genius, especially when the marketing team start to think that the product runs on sausages rather than batteries!

But earlier I mentioned “until now”!  Yes - at long last, there is a single, simple solution providing free, accurate 3D models, in formats that will work with your chosen ECAD tool, without the need to scale or align to the footprint!  

Take a quick look at this video to find out more about 3D models from Samacsys, the world’s leading supplier of electronic component library solutions.

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Having had a keen interest in computer (and other) hardware from a young age, i've built a lot of stuff. Some of it useful and some of it, not. I'm now in charge of managing our vast database of components, creating loads of new footprints and symbols and making sure that everything is of the highest quality.

27 Feb 2018, 12:22



March 20, 2018 08:11

Maybe I'm doing something wrong, but no matter how I import the component, I still get the good old 3D “blob”.
The schematic and the footprint are OK and I see the 3D model on ComponentSearcEngine ( (Omron, B3F-4050)

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