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10 Dumb things “Smart” people do when testing electricity

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June 28, 2018 10:05

There are occasions where using something like an old VTVM or FET VOM analog meter are still preferred in RF (radio), and those old Simpson 260s are probably still being made, as possibly are the Simpson VTVM. Don't try to check line voltage with the meter set to the 10 mA range! We had a test point for DC power shovels at a copper mine. Electrician's were constantly trying to check a multiple kiloVolt test point with something like a Solenoid tester, which tended to blow up in their faces. I carried USA made John Fluke gear. Someone did plug a Fluke 74 into those tabs, and the meter just smoked. It was junk, but no injuries. I watched a man die in the transformer vaults. I had enough of that mine, and the town. I have a ginormous set of differential probes for an O Scope too, that was also bought for transmitter work, so again multiple kiloVolts. The hooks on the probes are huge. As for working stuff hot, I am still here, and I am very adept at defeating multiple safety interlocks. Sometimes a transmitter won't reveal her secrets unless we can open her up hot. I don't recommend it, but when all else fails. As for safety glasses, polycarbonate is amazing stuff. The polymers in a hard hat will look like charcoal, but the safety glasses usually remain in tact. I don't think more than about 35% of the two dead workers remained behind, and they vaporized several pounds of aluminum bus. All that mess and the safety glasses were almost still usable.

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