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Flexibility and durability in one package

As integrated industry continues to change the landscape of production and manufacturing, meeting the demands placed on modular components becomes more and more challenging. Users now need the flexibility to change the configuration of connections quickly and efficiently, as unscheduled downtime in production processes can be extremely costly for businesses.

What’s more, the connections themselves need to be secure and reliable in order to withstand the rigours of demanding industrial environments. Thankfully, the HARTING PushPull V4 Industrial doesn’t mind getting its hands dirty.

Rugged and robust

The new and improved PushPull V4 Industrial range comes with a resilient, one-piece housing material which protects the connection from aggressive chemicals such as cutting oils. Not only does this make it perfect for harsh industrial environments, it also means it can be utilised in outdoor applications. The housing has been tested according to Railway Standards for shock, vibration and temperature, meeting EN 45545-2 and ensuring it can stand up to the toughest of tests.

The V4 Industrial also comes with additional IP65 / 67 protection covers on both ends, meaning you’re safeguarded from total dust ingress and water. As with the rest of the PushPull range, the V4 Industrial incorporates colour-coded marks for ease of installation, distinct contour grips and a snap-in locking device.


Flexible and reliable

Further improvements in the second generation of the PushPull also extend to cable clamping. Previously, the V4 utilised three cable clamps but that has now been reduced to just one. As a result, the new version can easily accommodate cable diameters from 4.5mm right up to 10mm, ensuring both a better fit and improved strain relief.

One thing that has remained constant with the PushPull V4 Industrial is the sheer variety of insert connectors available. This means you can easily find the right interface for every application, whether that be data, signal, power or even fibre optic solutions.

Power variants are available in both 3 and 4-pin which cover up to 250V at 16A, perfect for systems that have a high energy usage. For signal transmission, you can choose from 10 pin, 20 pin and even a hybrid power / signal variant for up to 5A / 48VDC and 10 / 100MHz. The PushPull range also includes RJ45 Ethernet solutions for Fast Ethernet and 10 Gigabit Ethernet. Last but not least is data, where the modular housing is available with USB mating. Fibre optic solutions are either multimode or singlemode capable.  

What’s more, in keeping with HARTING’s principle of modular design, old and new PushPull components are 100% compatible with each other. So if you’re seeking a reliable, safe, resilient and time-saving modular connector, put your trust in the rugged and robust PushPull V4 Industrial.

Note : HARTING PushPull V4 Industrial range will be available soon from RS Components.


HARTING Ltd is skilled in the fields of electrical, electronic and optical connection, transmission and networking. We use this expertise to craft solutions for the transportation, data transmission, wind energy, mechanical engineering, factory automation, automotive and robotics markets. HARTING also design and manufacture cable assemblies, box builds, kit assemblies and modified products at our UK facility in Northampton.
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