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Five reasons why you need a good quality handheld scope

Electromechanical equipment is increasingly becoming more and more digital and more sophisticated. The Fluke ScopeMeter® 120 Series Hand-Held Oscilloscope has rapidly become the industry standard go-to tool for troubleshooting industrial electromechanical systems. With input from maintenance specialists who deal with a range of digital controls and industrial equipment, these ‘scopes are designed to simplify the testing process to help you troubleshoot faster and get the answers you need to keep your systems up and running. Here's why:Fluke-125B_cf663bb399edfa6630895cd8f83320232c9c5187.jpg

  • Newer digital electromechanical equipment:
    Motors, pumps, turbines and other types of electromechanical equipment are more digitised and more complex than ever before. Most of the newest control devices include networking capabilities. This adds another dimension to troubleshooting that allows input from external devices. The Fluke 120B Series addresses modern realities with the wireless connectivity to a smartphone, new intelligent functionality to help in waveform analysis.
  • Complexity of Signals and waveforms:
    Programmable automated controllers (PACs), PLCs and other industrial digital control devices produce complex signals that are difficult to capture and trigger on an oscilloscope. Indeed, identifying characteristics of signals can be a challenge and even more difficult to determine the root cause of a failure. The Fluke 120B Series Handheld Oscilloscopes provide capabilities that help troubleshooting teams diagnose potential issues and uncover root cause in a straightforward manner. Connect-and-View™ triggering automates signal setup, trigger, and capture, and the Fluke 125B can verify the electrical signal quality in AS-i, CAN, Foundation Fieldbus H1, Profibus and RS-232/485, with the Bus Health function
  • Intermittent Events:
    One of the most difficult faults to find and fix, intermittent events can be beyond frustrating, happening only once in a while. They can be caused by bad connections, dust, dirt, or simply broken wiring or connections, and can be particularly hard to find in digital signals involved in control systems. ScopeMeter 120B Series HandHeld Oscilloscopes can record for long periods of time in memory. Plus, a new automatic Event Detect feature can quickly capture and identify random events
  • Getting to the root cause:
    The ScopeMeter 120B Series can communicate with smartphones as part of the Fluke Connect® platform of wireless test tools and software. Fluke Connect mobile app compatibility provides the ability to compare and contrast asset measurement data, communicate with subject matter experts and document test information
  • Data Storage and Management:
    The Fluke ScopeMeter 120B Series Hand-Held Oscilloscopes are the first Fluke Connect enabled, cloud-connected portable oscilloscopes. This connectivity opens up a new way of thinking about saving, storing and sharing your waveform and measurement data from the ScopeMeter Test Tool. In addition to opening up the potential of collecting important baseline data on normal operating conditions of electromechanical systems, data is stored securely in the cloud


The Fluke 120 Series are available from RS:


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