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First post: Error unable to connect to the internet


This is my first post on this forum so hello everybody. I have been using designspark pcb for quite a few years (Mar 2016) and I am used to the warning to refresh the 'permission'. It is not used a lot but infrequently. However today I went to use it and it would not permit me to start it. I have stayed with V7.1 since I first downloaded. No need to cause anguish upgrading when not needed. After trying to get the software enabled again and failing, I tried logging in with my ID. No joy at all. So after much wasted time thought I would upgrade to the latest. But of course had to re-register. I tried using my original ID but the registration said it was already in use! So registered under a new name and downloaded V11_0_0. But just comes up with a different access error. I am using Win 7. No network firwalls. Straight on to the net with standard windows protection enabled (as it has always been with no changes). Can anybody give me a clue as to why it would suddenly stop working after seven years. I can only think of a change at the server end. Thanks for any answers.