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"Fillet Any Angle" is not available in DS PCB Explorer 11


The release notes for v11 clearly state that the Miter/Fillet Any Angle feature is available for Explorer, Creator, and Engineer.  Well, I just installed DS PCB Explorer v11, and the setting is absent from the Preferences > Interaction > PCB Interaction settings.

The inability to generate anything but a 90-degree fillet has been a major source of frustration for me for years, forcing me to make a piecewise linear approximation of a fillet.  I was excited when I read the release notes and sorely disappointed when I discovered that the feature is in fact missing from the Explorer edition of DS PCB 11.

Is this an accidental oversight in the software or an error in the release notes?  If the latter, why deny such basic, essential CAD functionality from Explorer users, particularly when its absence is so annoying?