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ESTACARS at Formula Student UK - Concept Class


This year ESTACARS participated in FSUK concept class with the design of the team's 3rd car, the FSE03. This car, like the team's previous cars, is electric and the objective for this project being a simple, easy to build and reliable car. The designing process of the FSE03 started in September 2021 and is expected to participate in the electric class in FSUK 2023. As per planned the design of the vehicle was completed right on time to participate in the FSUK concept class this year. The team's main goals for this year's competition was to get valuable feedback from the judges to further improve the design and to come back better prepared next year. 

ESTACARS - Concept Car

Journey to FSUK 2022

With the team deciding early on to participate in the concept class, preparation of all the documents started with the first designs of the car and were kept up to date with every change. Where the team did face some difficulties were with some of the nontechnical parts of the competition, especially preparing the cost report and the business plan presentation. The team also faced some difficulties with the shortage of members towards the competition as all the 4th year students departed for internships early May. Due to this and other a few members being unable to come, there were only 4 students who were able to attend this event along with one professor.



During the development of the car, a lot of simulations were done to verify the car's performance, handling and also if it complies with the rules of the competition. A lot of finite element analysis was done to test the strength of the designed parts and also to make sure it is as light as possible. Suspension analysis was done using Adams car to study the car's dynamics and handling. Several other simulations were done to determine the size of the battery pack, the cooling system for the battery pack and to test all the circuit boards. Futhermore, some of these circuits which are circuits for different safety systems like the BSPD and the TSAL, were also built thanks to some components supplied by RS Grass Roots, and tested to make sure it could be used on the final car. 


As the team were more prepared for the design event, this is where it had a better result than the other events. Here are ESTACARS results in this year's FSUK : 14th in the design event, 22nd in the cost, 47th in the business plan presentation and overall the team placed 20th in the concept class category. These results may not be what the team wanted, especially in the nontechnical events, but by participating in the competition the team got a clear idea of the places in which it was lacking and where points could be gained in future competitions. This year has been a learning experience for the team with all the members participating in their first ever Formula Student competition. Even though these results aren't what the team expected, it has taken in all the valuable feedback given by the judges and plan to get back stronger with the FSE03 next year. 

Future plans 

Now the team's main objective is to make changes to the design after analysing all the feedback given by the judges and start the production of the FSE03 as soon as possible. After which the car will be tested and tested, especially to see how reliable it and whether any design changes have to be made before participating in FSUK 2023. 

The team would finally like to thank RS Grass Roots and RS components for their valuable support by supplying us with some vital parts and tools which has helped us with the maintenance of our previous vehicle and the designing of the FSE03.

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