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ePowered RACING: Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya

History of Our Team

Since its inception, ePowered RACING has become a prominent force in electric motorcycle racing. Established at the Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya, Campus Diagonal Besòs in Barcelona, our university team has developed a deep bond with motorcycle competitions. Over the years, the electric prototypes we've crafted have consistently exceeded expectations, achieving notable positions globally, with our latest success being a top 5 finish.

Currently, a dedicated team of 24 engineering students from various disciplines continues to innovate, striving to surpass the achievements of previous seasons. Their unwavering passion for creating a cleaner, eco-friendly world through electric vehicles serves as an inspiration, demonstrating that racing can be both exciting and sustainable.

ePowered Racing navigating cones

Ambitions for the 2024-2025 Season

As the new season approaches, ePowered RACING is diligently working to enhance various aspects of our prototype. Our primary goal for the 2024-2025 season is to develop a new bike with an emphasis on weight reduction and improved efficiency. This ambitious target will be achieved through the redesign and modification of critical components, including the battery pack and chassis.

Meeting these objectives will enable our team to compete more effectively, providing us with a faster and more efficient motorcycle. With these enhancements, we aim to achieve even better results and ultimately strive for victory in the final race.

ePowered RACING remains committed to pushing the boundaries of electric vehicle technology, blending innovation with sustainability, and leading the charge in the future of motorsport.

ePowered Racing on track

Impact of the fund

This generous funding from RS Components will play a pivotal role in advancing our efforts for the upcoming season. The resources will be utilized to procure essential electronic components for our new prototype. Additionally, the fund will enable us to build a motor test bench in our own workshop, facilitating rigorous testing and optimization of our motor systems. We are profoundly grateful to RS Components for their invaluable support.

Electronics engineer at ePowered RACING