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EP06 - Peter Wootton - Pico Technology - Crazy Pete!


ElectroCastt EP06 - Pete Wootton - Pico Technology

Crazy Pete!


In this Episode of ElectroCastt, we talk to Pete Wootton from Pico Technology! Pico Technology creates equipment to support Engineers in labs, garages and in the field - with awesome technology such as their USB Pico-scope. Pete is a Senior Hardware Engineer, working on Electronics systems that help Engineers around the globe.

Join us today as we hear about Pete's Journey through his career to becoming a *Senior* Hardware Engineer, along with products, lots of projects and stories to get to where he is now! Ask yourself this... How can applying yourself get you further in your career? And how can an Engineer make a weaponised USB 'bopper'?

Pete is a passionate, Electronics Enthusiast who has a lot of knowledge from the industry - today's episode might give you that boost for interviews or even inspire a project of your own... 

  • Pico Technology 
  • Stupid Projects 
  • Interviews and getting teamwork
  • Expanding your horizons 

And much much more!

If there is anything you want James to bring up specifically in future episodes that would help yourself and others, please do reach out!

What is ElectroCastt?

ElectroCastt is a Podcast where we explore the Electronics industry by finding out what professionals get up to on a day-to-day basis! In each episode, we welcome a different Engineer and talk to them about everything from their job role to their personal projects to their favourite experiences. We also discuss their experiences progressing and developing as an Engineer, getting advice and tips from those who know best what, in their opinion, has been required to be successful!

Every episode we release has a guest from a different company, big or small, in a different area of the industry! Varying from Audio Tech to Subsea cable maintenance to Start-ups! Each guest has their own experiences and with experiences comes advice, tips and tricks! You never know when something a Senior Hardware Engineer says as an off comment, might be useful in an interview. Our host James speaks to each Engineer to better understand their journey and to uncover what they would do in our positions, as Young Engineers!

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Join me, James, on my Journey meeting Engineers throughout the industry! On ElectroCastt we speak to Engineers from all over the Electronics industry, learning how their careers have progressed, projects they've worked on and geting advice that can only be gained from experience.

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