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PCB Design Problem


You all are going to make a robotics club in New Orleans very happy. The original motor controller board is here:

My most recent design is here:

I lay out some questions in the imgur, but I'm basically looking for feedback on two points:

1. How do I find pin pads in the same style as the originals and with different hole counts? I need 5x1 and 2x1 rather than 8x1.

2. What do you think about the way I'm going about tying together functions? Any glaring mistakes or problems? My goal is to replace the pin pads on the bottom half of the board with vias to tie everything together on the top half of the board.

Thank you ! 

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July 1, 2020 08:55

5x1 and 2x1 are available in the default library conn-sil'n'
Use the online library for the best supply of component symbols.
This should help you progress your design.

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