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DXF export not consistently working

I have a files that was all sketched on one plane but when i export the DXF only the 2 straight lines appear in the DXF file.  Any ideas?   I attached a screen shot of the  design and I have been using LibreCAD to load the files to check them. I can upload the rsdoc file if someone wants to look at it. Thank you ... Bill

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June 2, 2020 08:51

It is most probably the 'Version' of DXF you saved in. Try an earlier version.
I copied your file and tried to open it in Librecad. Nothing was shown. So I opened it in NanoCad. Everything shows. I do not use Librecad anymore, once I found Nanocad

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June 2, 2020 08:52

I will look at the file for you.

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