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DSM Infographic: Creating a component drawing with custom sheet format

This DesignSpark Mechanical infographic displays a series of steps to take for creating a component drawing using a custom sheet format (title block and detailing standard suited to your needs). This process allocates the drawing to the design component and not to the overall assembly. You can then easily reference the component in other designs and locate the manufacturing drawing at the same time.

Due to the associative nature of technical drawings in DSM, any changes to the 3D model will update the 2D drawing and vice versa. 

You will require an activated DSM Drawing add-on or bundle to implement these steps. 

*Please note: The DSM add-ons are no longer available for purchase. All DSM add-on functionality has now been integrated into our paid Creator and Engineer subscription plans. More info here: *


Click this infographic to open in a new tab for zoom in and pan.

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