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Development kits to deliver motor drive solutions

We invited ebm-papst to discuss their new K4 drive system development kits. Our common association with ebm-papst has been in the world of fans and fan control applications, we were a little intrigued to discover more.


What we discovered was a well thought out approach to the development of remote motor drive solutions, as well as conventional conveyor control.

Straight out of the box and up and running in a matter of minutes, these kits are supported by an intuitive and extensive programming/evaluation software interface suite. There is also a handy programming module included, this can be used to set up operating parameters and drive characteristics to have you up and running quickly and efficiently.

The motors retain the programming parameters internally and can be overwritten if needed. This ideal for the testing and commissioning stage. With six kits available there is scope to interchange and add additional variants.

Part 1 - Setting Up

In part 1, we cover unboxing and initial setup.

Part 2 - Programming

In part 2, we look at the programming interface and discover that these kits offer in-depth precision control. All in all, K4 offers a cost-effective solution for delivering motor control across a host of application scenarios, whether you are looking to servo or stepper motor control, these are certainly worth consideration.


Kits Available From RS

Stock no: EC K4 100W Motor with Integrated Electronics
(187-2144) EC K4 Motor: 4000rpm, 100W, 24VDC, 5.2A, 23.9Ncm
(187-2145) As above with 85:1 right angle crown gearhead, 15Nm, 47.2rpm
(187-2146) As above with 4.3:1, planetary gearhead, 0.93Nm, 924rpm
Stock no: EC K4 251W Motor with Integrated Electronics
(187-2147) EC K4 Motor: 4000rpm, 251W, 24VDC, 12.3A, 59.9Ncm
(187-2148) As above with 4.1:1 right angle crown gearhead, 2.2Nm, 985rpm 
(187-2149) As above with 30:1 planetary gearhead, 15Nm, 133rpm


Each kit contains;

K4 Motor Controller, RS485 Comms Wiring Cable, RS 485 USB Cable, RS485 Driver CD, RS485 Adapter, 3x Power Cables ( Black, Red, Yellow).

Find out how DesignSpark members have used these kits to develop a solution for rotational antenna control. 

Discover more at RS 




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