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Developing a trucated cone with DSM


Formal methods are labourious. This tries to leverage dsm to do the heavy lifting.

A deliberately awkward sized truncated cone (TC).

Heavily compressed for posting the animation isn't great, so here are some steps:

  1. Enter Pull mode Extrude edge on the top edge of the cone and DSM will display a highlighted point showing the location of the cone's apex.
  2. Draw a point -- in 3D mode -- at that location.
  3. Enter Sketch mode on the centre line of the TC.
  4. Draw a line from the apex to the lower edge of the cone.
  5. Draw construction circles centred at the apex, to the lower and upper faces of the TC.
  6. Back in 3D, select the measure tool and copy the circumference measure to your caclulator, then press 'divide'.
  7. Back in DSM, measure and copy the circumference of the lower edge of the TC.
  8. Swicth back and paste to your calculator; then hit 'equals'.
  9. Multiply the result by 360°. Copy to clipboard. (This gives the arc angle of the flattened cone.)
  10. Back to DSM, re-enter sketch mode on the last plane.
  11. Draw a construction line from the apex, set the angle reference to the existing construction line, and complete to the outer most circle.
  12. Use the trim tool to remove the extraneous arcs and radial lines.
  13. Convert the remaining two arcs and two lines to non-construction lines.
  14. Return to 3D mode and the surface produced is your developed TC.
  15. Do something with it.
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