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DesignSpark Mechanical don`t work

I can´t to open the program... don`t respond server SpaceClaim , I think. Solve the problem please.. More people have the same problems today!!. Thank you.


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September 3, 2019 23:07

Spaceclaim keeps saying spaceclaim has stopped working after download. Does anyone have any idea why that could be??

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June 1, 2018 07:39

This as affecting DS Electrical and Mechanical, please monitor the following for updates

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May 31, 2018 12:58

I answer myself... User´s register when the program runs, seem corrupt. Delete file. it´s Works for me!!

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May 31, 2018 13:01

Hey, you can try renaming/deleting C:\users\%username%\appdata\roaming\spaceclaim and C:\users\%username%\appdata\local\spaceclaim
That worked for me.

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May 31, 2018 12:47

Me Too,

TRY NOW, DSM had stopped working on all 3 of my PC's, but now seems to be working again

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June 1, 2018 07:56

I think it must be an issue at the RS end... I got the same thing all day being ready to start printing some 3D parts I've spent the last two and a half months designing

Wondering, I turned my internet connection off, relaunched the program and got the following error ::

DesignSpark Mechanical cannot connect to the internet. This software can be run off-line but requires periodical internet licence check. You see this message because your last licence check was more than 30 days ago. Please connect to the internet and restart the software to continue. If you are experiencing problems please contact support at

Grrr what licence check ?? What a pain in the backside

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