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DesignSpark & SOLIDWORKS Electrical – Scalable Solutions For Every Engineer

With DesignSpark Electrical (DSE) 2.0, users now have a seamless upgrade path to all SOLIDWORKS Electrical (SWE) products. In this webinar, we take a look at what advanced functionality SOLIDWORKS Electrical has to offer. Please note that any mentions of upgrade discounts were only available until December 2020.


A paid upgrade option is now available for SOLIDWORKS® Electrical.

Click on image below to see comparison matrix for upgrade path. Spanish version available in attachment.


Upgrade order placement and queries:

Fill the form at https://discover.solidworks.com/move-solidworks-electrical-dse-users. SOLIDWORKS® will review your information and help you with order placement.

Attached is also a detailed guide on how to migrate your projects from DSE to SOLIDWORKS Electrical (SWE) once you have purchased the licence & installed SWE.

If you’d like to see more information on how this upgrade could help you, look out for:

  1. Live/on-demand SOLIDWORKS® Webinars – topics available here https://www.rs-online.com/designspark/designspark-electrical-dse-is-changing/questions/11-dse-v1-3-v2-0 and registration links will be updated in due course through DesignSpark newsletters and our website.
  2. DesignSpark blogs by SOLIDWORKS representatives. Coming up from February 24th 2020.
  3. SOLIDWORKS® Electrical case studies and Whitepapers offered to our DesignSpark marketing opted-in users.
  4. Follow our DesignSpark social media feeds where videos on the upgrade capability will be shared.
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