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DesignSpark Pro - Simply create multigate components

Vactrol Component

DesignSpark Pro provides a simple way to create multi-gate components i.e. the component schematic symbol consists of separate symbols for ease of placing in any location on your schematic design.

The feature in Pro that makes this easy is the Tabs at the bottom of the screen which provides quick access.

Tabs at the bottom of the Pro screen

Open a component to edit and explore!

For this example, a user asked how to create a "Vactrol" symbol as shown in the top image. This is a LED coupled to a light-dependent resistor (LDR) contained in a light-tight package.

The requirement was to produce a schematic symbol with the LED and LDR as separate 'gates'.

From the Library Manager select the Component tab and then <New Item>

Select New Component

Select the PCB Symbol and also the Schematic Symbol for the first gate and the number of gates using this symbol, which is "1" for this example.

Important. You will add second (and subsequent) Schematic Symbols at a later step.

Complete the component details at the top of the window.

Component details need entering

When you click <OK> the following window opens.

Select the "Gates" tab at the bottom of the screen and you will see the current schematic symbol present.

Click <Add...> and in the new "Add Gate b" window you can now select as before a schematic symbol and the number of gates required.

Click <Add> when your selection is complete.

Add new gate

We now have the component with the required schematic symbols. You can repeat this step to add further symbols as required.

Component with required schematic symbols

Now assign the pin number mapping between the Schematic Symbol and the footprint pads.

Select the "Pin Assignments" tab and complete the table as required, you can also add terminal names to assist you while wiring the schematic

Pin Assignments

From the menu bar save the new component to the required library and it's ready to use in your design.

Ready for use in your design


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