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DesignSpark PCB - Copper Pour Basics Part 2

I joined RS Components in January 2016, and have over 10 years experience as an Electronics Design Engineer. I am working to develop and improve DesignSpark PCB as well as other electronics design tools we are offering, so that we can continue to offer engineers all around the world a powerful fully featured solution for creating their schematics and PCBs.


August 2, 2019 07:10

Hello there!
Nice to meet you!
I would like to ask you a question: How to add RS component library under DesignSpark PCB software? I see a lot of video to open DesignSpark PCB, there are RS components directly enter the product number, but I installed the DesignSpark PCB is not, in the addition of the menu did not find, trouble you advice;
Thank you!

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