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DesignSpark Multi-tool licenses scales up engineering teams

Multi-seat licenses are perfect for engineering teams, and now with DesignSpark, you can give your whole team the tools needed to design and also collaborate on projects. Multi-seat lets you decide who has access and is a cost-effective way to level up your engineers. With DesignSpark multi-seat you can remove the burden of only a few engineers having access to expensive design tools, multi-seat provides a cost-effective solution to provide design tools to your whole team. 

multi-seat user license

Benefits of Multi-Seat License:

Access and Cost:

It's true but not all design engineers have access to design tools. Usually, this is due to the high cost associated with design tool licenses. Not all companies have massive budgets to provide all engineers with access to high-end design tools. DesignSpark multi-seat is a cost-effective easy-to-manage way of providing design tool resources to your team. What's more, knowing your ongoing costs lets you free up your budget for other areas of focus. 

Collaboration and Efficiency:

Multi-seat helps to facilitate better collaboration amongst team members. Engineers can work simultaneously on a project, share designs, and communicate effectively leading to improved productivity and faster project completion. Engineers working in the same ecosystem to deliver projects allow for faster product development, particularly when prototyping and iterating designs. There is also another big plus in our ecosystem, being able to access products at RS Group and have these integrated into your design (this is not a requirement, only an option), this gives you a cost analysis and the ability to create Bills of Materials (BOM). Knowing the full project costs gives you an advantage when it comes to tendering and cost management.

3 in 1:

As with all DesignSpark subscriptions, users on multi-seat licenses will have access to 3 design tools. This allows each user to access the tools as and when needed. For example, test and verify circuit design in DS Circuit Simulator, create the boards in DS PCB, and design the enclosure using DS Mechanical


Managers can easily add licenses as the team grows, bringing in new team members and having them design from day one is critical to overall efficiency. DesignSpark software is intuitive which means you can learn quickly, plus there's access to online learning and a service desk to support any queries.

To raise a multi-seat license quote click the banner below. From here you can select the number of users required and receive a 12-month quote valid for 30 days.

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