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DesignSpark Mechanical Add-ons - Customising a title block and reusing document properties

In this video, Smithy demonstrates how you can modify the default title block with note fields linked to custom document properties/metadata and how to retain the custom document properties for other projects. This may be useful to business users who require company information shown on technical drawings and have multiple sheets with common project data (material, job number, etc.).

Note 1: DesignSpark Mechanical Version 5.0 (Build 7232) is used throughout this demo. You will need either the paid Drawing add-on or Bundle to follow this tutorial and implement the steps.  

Note 2: The DSM add-ons are no longer available for purchase. All DSM add-on functionality has now been integrated into our paid Creator and Engineer subscription plans. More info here:


Here are the video chapters which are also marked on the timeline:

0:00 Design Example with custom drawing sheet

01:03 How to modify a standard title block

02:38 Reuse custom title block in a new or existing project

03:20 Tip: Retain custom document properties for use in multiple projects

04:34 Copying custom document properties across project sheets

06:45 Tip: Swapping Drawing sheet format but retaining title block values

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