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DC motor controller.


I have worked many years ago on high performance motor servo amplifiers, however now I'm looking for something a little more, well let's say "basic"!

As part of my journey into the arts, I'm now learning the basics of pottery and need a potter's wheel to get some practice. Good ones are too expensive for me and cheap ones are reported as very poor and underpowered.

So having a good powerful servo motor saved for over 40 years for the right project it's time to bring the beast to life!
My question is has anyone built or used the simple current sense/back emf compensated PM DC motor speed control method and any comments on its performance?

For a potter's wheel, it should slow slightly on load (so not a perfect speed controller) and the potter adjusts the speed by a foot pedal to the desired speed. As the slight slowing down under increasing load is the main issue raised against this method, it sounds ideal!