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Creating a component for a PC board antenna

Fellow designers,

I created an antenna on my PC board. I did so by drawing a copper shape, then placing 1 pad at the ground location on the antenna and a 2nd pad on the location that will be driven by the antenna feed (the channel output). I was successful with the objective. That is to say, the antenna works as expected on the first version of the PC board.

However, I get the following 2 DRC errors

Error 1) 'Pad to Shape (P-C), Error between Component Pad A1.1 (Net 'ANT_FEED') and Component Shape. Gap is 0.000 needs to be 0.150'

Error 2) 'Pad to Shape (P-C), Error between Component Pad A1.2 (Net 'GND') and Component Shape. Gap is 0.000 needs to be 0.150'


Is there a way to create an antenna component that does not result in this DRC error?




P.S. The tool works and is very verstile. I build my own library components, sometimes based on Open ECAD Models, adding my own improvements. This process is very easy and gives good results.

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February 21, 2020 09:04

OK. Thanks Brad

I agree...the tool could be a little cleaner here.

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February 17, 2020 09:46

If you are drawing the shape and adding the pads as separate items (as opposed to making them a library component), then you can get rid of one of the two DRC errors by selecting the shape, right-clicking, and selecting Add To Net, then choosing one of the two nets (the ground or the feed). But I don't know a way to get rid of both. You just have to remember (or document on a documentation layer to help you remember) that it is safe to ignore the DRC error in this particular instance.

It is one of the things I really wish there was a more complete solution to.

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