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Control your energy costs with Fluke’s three-phase power and energy loggers

Typically buildings represent about 40% of total energy consumption and costs are continually rising. Remember inefficiencies along with wear and tear in machinery can increase overall running costs. So monitoring becomes an essential aspect in being able to reduce the overall energy consumption. 


To find out where and when you’re consuming power, a Fluke energy logger can quickly and easily be installed as shown in the following video:

When performing any measurements it’s essential not to just take a single instantaneous measurement, but to monitor the system / process over a longer period of time to ensure the plant operating cycle is complete and that all processes have operated / occurred so that any peak measurements, or intermittent process have appened and are recorded, so all potential issues can be accounted for - typically this can be across a week or month.

Key applications for the Fluke energy loggers:

  • Load Studies – Whenever new loads are added to an existing electrical service or set of feeders, the first thing to determine is whether the existing system is capable of supporting this new load, or will it put your system over capacity – this can be manually calculated or more easily it can be measured.
  • Energy Assessments – Quantify energy consumption through the plant to understand where improvements or efficiencies can be implemented and then after changes have been made the results can be quantified to justify any energy savings,
  • Harmonic Measurements – These are unwanted additional sources of high-frequency ac voltages or currents that can damage or disrupt critical equipment, through the logger theses harmonics can be monitored / detected and aligned to an impact experienced with the system.
  • Voltage and Current Event Capture – Dips, swells and inrush currents can cause false resets or circuit breakers to trip.
  • Log the most common parameters – Throughout the logging, the Fluke 1736 and 1738 power meters can simultaneously log the following parameters for over a year with the internal memory, to identify intermittent or hard-to-find issues that might otherwise be missed:
    • rms voltage
    • rms current
    • voltage and current events
    • voltage and current THD
    • voltage and current harmonics up to the 50th harmonic
    • active and reactive power
    • power factor
    • active and reactive energy


The Fluke energy loggers are simple to install and have a range of safety features including Flex probes and magnetic voltage leads as shown in the video:

In addition to the above features the Fluke 1736 / 1738 power energy loggers have Fluke Connect® app and desktop software compatibility gives you the data you need to make critical power quality and energy decisions in real-time.

Fluke 173x Three-Phase Energy Monitor and Loggers:


Currently for a limited period (until the end of 2018 or while stocks last) there are Gold Edition Power Logger packages which offer:


  • Fluke 1736 Gold Edition Energy Monitor & Logger (136-5784)
  • Fluke 1738 Gold Edition Energy Monitor & Logger (178-9015)


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