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How to outline a PCB shape from a 3D model of an enclosure?

Overview: this video tutorial is about defining an outline from a pre-built Bopla enclosure and using that as the bounds for your printed circuit board in DesignSpark PCB. Here's a breakdown of what's going on in the video below:

1. We start by downloading the 3D model of readymade enclosure from

2. Import the RSDOC model into DesignSpark Mechanical and draw a rectangular outline in sketch mode, to contain all the mounting holes.

3. Switching to 3D mode, add some thickness to the rectangular surface. Next, CTRL+ group select the inner walls of the lower mounting holes and project them onto the base of this new solid.

Do the same to project the upper locking mounts onto the top surface of the solid. With the outlines now visible, use the PULL tool to drag and complete the holes so they can be seen on both sides of the solid.

4.Use the plan view to get top-down alignment and export the board outline with hole locations as an AutoCAD DXF file.

5. Import this DXF as a board into the PCB file of a new project in DesignSpark PCB.

6. Re-position the outline in the grid to your requirements.

Click on the video block again to open in and if this tutorial helped you, drop a like there too!

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