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Circuit Simulator is like having an Electronics Lab at your fingertips

We all know how it feels to start a new project. Sometimes the ideas are flowing and everything comes together easily. Other times you need to try things again and again before your design is ready.

Circuit on table with tools and components

When the inspiration strikes you, or when you need to double-check (or even triple-check!) your ideas, Circuit Simulator is ready and waiting. Change the parameters of your design with the click of a mouse, swap components in seconds, or test a crazy idea that might just work.

Circuit Simulator is a virtual electronics lab on your computer. It’s like having a workbench equipped with the latest test equipment, with all of your favourite components in easy reach, and shelves stacked with an array of ready-made circuits. It’s just waiting for you to create something new.

Circuit Simulator is the latest electronic design solution from DesignSpark. Delivered to your computer using a web browser, Circuit Simulator lets you create, share, and collaborate easily. You can start designing right now, find out more with our videos, or join the forum to share your latest idea.

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