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CES Day -1

Hi all! This week I'm reporting live from Las Vegas at the epic Consumer Electronics Show CES 2018! For anyone who isn't familiar with CES, it's the annual showcase for consumer electronics, debuting exciting new technology under the neon lights of Las Vegas Boulevard. Over 175,000 delegates from all over the globe are due to descend on the city this week for 4 days of exciting new tech from the World's biggest brands and the hottest start-ups.

I'm here to find the new and exciting products our customers need moving into 2018, so the 1st stop on my list was the 'Showstoppers Launchit' event hosted at the Mandalay Bay. This is a pre-show media event showcasing the hottest 12 disruptive start-ups from the Eureka Park area of CES. I won't go into the details of all the amazing products I saw there, so I'll highlight my favourite for you. As you may know, if you've read my previous DesignSpark posts, I have a particular interest in disruptive medical technologies, so it's natural that my favourite from today is Cardiomo, a health monitoring device.









This tiny wearable contains a biomonitor to provide continuous health monitoring with an app that sends alerts when it detects dangerous abnormalities. It's estimated that this could save 16 million lives annually by pre-empting deadly conditions before they have a chance to strike. Pretty cool huh! The app also contains a dashboard for doctors, with more detailed analysis.

And the price tag of this amazing product I hear you ask? Version 1 retails at just $59 for the monitor and then an additional $10 for software. Version 2 will retail at a slightly higher price point but in my view, you can't put a price on a life! It's amazing to think that something so simple and inexpensive could save so many lives.

So Cardiomo is by far my favourite product of CES day -1, I'll be checking in across the course of the week with more cool stuff! Right now I'm off to 'Old Vegas' to the start-up night networking event. Catch up soon, with more news from CES 2018!

To discover more about CES, Cardiomo and many more amazing products, please see the below links:


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9 Jan 2018, 8:57


January 10, 2018 09:05

Hey Alis, hope you are enjoying CES in Vegas! Thanks for reporting back to us. Were you there for the awkward moment when the LG robot failed on stage? The horrors of live demos!

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January 10, 2018 08:53

@leonie Sadly not! But I have heard all about it :) This event is HUGE, it's a good job CES provide Livestream so that we can catch up on what's going on in other venues!