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Cannot run "Wire Cabling Order" Selection does not include the following data: "Wire"


Hi all, 

I'm new to DSE and I'm making my first schematic. 

I've completed a line diagram which is showing the connection breakout from a pump as shown in the attachments, I've then gone and started a schematic breaking down what connection is going to and from the pump (you'll see the IEC connectors and D SUB 15 Connectors). 

The problem I'm having is performing the actual schematic connections as it's not picking up any of the connections between the points, reporting the error "Cannot Run Wire Cabling Order, Selection does not include the following Data "Wire"". 

I've put a screenshow in of one of the IEC connectors also to show how the symbol looks (the 2D CAD was downloaded and added as a part by me, and I added 3 circuits to represent the three pins).

I'm a little stumped at this one, I've gone through the quick training videos on the line diagram and schematic and can't see anything obvious - what have I missed?

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