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Building a Spinning Classroom to liven up Lessons

Ruth Amos & Shawn Brown co-present Kids Invent Stuff; the YouTube channel where 5-11-year-olds get their invention ideas prototyped and shown to the world. The pair are both engineers and inventors and passionate about tapping into kids’ creativity.

Last month we asked kids for their invention ideas to liven up boring lessons and we were sent some AMAZING invention ideas. We build a different kid’s invention every month and as ever it was really difficult to pick which one we were going to make for this challenge. In the end, we chose to build 9-year-old Alisha's Spinning Classroom:


Alisha's invention is a classroom that spins faster and faster to liven up long lessons. You can use the button to spin faster and faster! 

To bring Alisha’s invention to life we needed lots of wood to build a big wooden circular platform. The platform spun on a car wheel bearing so that it can rotate easily and a motor so it could spin automatically. Then we made the whole thing look like a classroom.

Have a watch and see how we got on building Alisha’s invention:

Keep your eye out for our test episode (out on the 24th March) where we test the Spinning Classroom!

Check out our YouTube channel to see some of the other stuff we’ve built. From flamethrowing pianos to crazy cars, we’ve built some proper mad invention ideas and we’re currently looking for kids’ ideas for Gravity Racers – and we are going to race one of them!

Keep Inventing,

Ruth & Shawn

Hey! We are 'Kids Invent Stuff', a youtube channel that brings to life kids' invention ideas. Run by Ruth Amos & Shawn Brown, we set a different invention challenge each month and 5-11 year olds submit their invention ideas at as picture or videos. We then choose an invention to bring to life and film the process of building and testing it. We then upload the videos to our channel