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AXC F 2152 PLCnext Starter Kit from Phoenix Contact

You asked for it so here it is, an IEC 61131 compliant PLC controller with Digital and Analog IO modules.

Phoenix Contact released a cool PLC starter kit which is fully IEC 61131-2 and -3 compliant, providing graphical Ladder and Functional Block as well as Structured Text programming environments all supported within PCWorx Engineer software.

The AXC F 2152 Starter kit

IMG_06541_d2daa5c7e28feb8b5481929457542a4e1c9b092b.jpgThis video introduces the modules included in the starter kit, including a quick teardown:

The AXC F 2152 starter kit includes the following:

  • PLCnext Control AXC F 2152
  • Supply voltage switch module
  • Digital input (8) and output (8) module
  • Analog input (2) and output (2) module
  • Potentiometer module
  • 8 Switch module to stimulate the Digital Inputs
  • 1-year PROFICLOUD license
  • 24V 1A universal power supply unit with country-specific adapter plugs
  • CAT5 patch cable
  • Getting Started Documentation.

Links for further information

There is an active Phoenix Contact Forum that you can join with plenty of examples for you to try.

Find out more about the starter kit at RS (177-1390)  

AXC F 2152 STARTERKIT - 1046568
Phoenix Contact PLCnext Datasheets, Sample Programs etc.

I would like to thank RS Components and Phoenix Contact for providing me with this starter kit for review at no cost.

Below are a number of teardown images for your pleasure

AXC F 21522018-08-30_0-55-18_c5aac9a91def81ec75b83fdad67fc6ff84839cc2.png


AXL F DI8/1 DO8/1 1H





2018-08-30_2-02-15_17d4e05fd1ca93893e525a90d1a86a3873fa7531.pngIMG_0667_210e15c3e4306e154313a377ffd72782f7a94923.jpgIMG_0680_d0d7b2d1817471d8322726d2846ee346e3be59ad.jpgIMG_0668_00d613d9ccc857798e25fd4134ce27b992e8cfc8.jpgNote on all the images there is an isolation between the Axioline F bus side and the actual physical IO providing improved protection from field bus problems affecting the control logic and other modules. It also pretty much eliminates any potential ground loops but it also means you may need to provide additional power and ground connections even if your field devices are using the same power as the rest of the controller and its modules. Personally, I think the additional protection is worth the additional one-off wiring effort.

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