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Ask the Experts about Sustainable Technologies


RS will shortly be speaking with leaders from the electronics industry to understand more about sustainable technology and sustainable engineering. The environmental impact of our actions is under the microscope more than ever. Business and industry leaders, as well as Governments, are looking for smarter, cleaner and more efficient ways of manufacturing.

During a round table discussion, we hope to learn more about how sustainable technologies and sustainable engineering are being targeted by the electronics industry.

So now is your chance to pose questions to experts that we can ask on your behalf, for example:

  • How can the electronics industry become more sustainable and what developments are needed?
  • What changes do you see coming over the next 5-10 years?
  • What are the main drivers of sustainable development?
  • As an engineer what do I need to do to deliver sustainable engineering?
  • We hear much about materials like Silicon Carbide and ultra low power devices for IoT but how are these helping for sustainability in design?
  • What future practices do you see taking place for sustainability in the electronics industry?


Asking a question is simple, just reply to this post below, where all questions will be reviewed and put forward to the round-table discussions, which will be available later on DesignSpark.